Summer has begun to show its power recently. In some states, the temperature is so high that even reach the history peak. Sand storm hit Arizona twice this month. For those who live in or want to go to Phoenix, it causes large inconvenience. I am a person who loves summer when winter freezes my body and mind; I am also a person who hates summer when it has really arrived. Indeed, nobody likes the feeling of sweating, but we cannot stay indoors with air conditioners everyday. We need to go outside to work, to meet our friends, to experience what nature gives us. However, being exposed outside is not something enjoyable. For me, it is scaring. How to solve the problem? My swimming coach tells me that his outdoor partner in summer is prescription sunglasses. Maybe it is helpful.

The scorching sunshine is harmful to us because it contains strong UV. Sun glasses are said to be the best weapon against UV since they acts like protective screen. Our eyes are very fragile which require our special and effective protection.

For most of us, the above is common knowledge. We can spot people wearing sunglasses when they go out in hot weather, however, the point is that not all people know how to choose the right sunglasses. We should admit that sunglasses are sort of modern accessories while their most important function is protection rather than aesthetic. So when selecting sunglasses, the outlook not deserve our whole attention, the quality is where we should focus on.

Here I will introduce you the prescription sunglasses which I used in last summer and I am using now. I happened to see glasses online store when I was surfing online one day. I was soon attracted by the fashionable and cute styles, considering that I need a new pair of sunglasses, I went on reading those brief introductions of glasses on the website: To my surprise, I found a section called virtual fitting room. Since we need to try glasses on to decide whether it is the right pair. This section helps customers to finish this step. I clicked it and then directions of how to use it popped out. Following the steps, I finished my fitting and felt very satisfied. Now my order is on the way to my home. I am looking forward to seeing and wearing my new prescription glasses and going outdoor.

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