In summer many students are buying their prescription glasses, and reading glasses, there are so many optical shops in the streets, and the glasses prices ranging from high and low very differently. There are a lot of skills if you want to buy glasses.

1. Various types of optical parameters are very important.
A quality, comfortable glasses while wearing depend on two factors: first, the accuracy of optometry, and second, whether the glasses preparation is qualified. In addition to accurate optometry, the glasses should meet the technical parameters, such as the PD.

2. Materials, production and optometry is equally importan.
You’d better find a professional eye doctor to get the glasses prescription for you to ensure the quality of glasses.

3. Taking the right O.D.(right), O.S.(left), and PD are very important.

4.Resin lenses are better for students

Resin material is light, anti-radiation properties of various types of strong, easy to clean surface, anti-scratch, with high-rays and high refractive

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