Sometimes it is hard for me to make a decision, especially when making purchase. I often linger in front of the counter and feel confused about how to make a choice. The shop assistants often introduce some new products to me with a detailed explanation and try their best to persuade me to buy them as soon as possible. However, I think it is improper to make a prompt decision in order to avoid regretting later. Two weeks ago, I stood in a glasses store for a long time and could not decide which type of glasses to buy. Finally, I left the store without buying anything. At that time, I really needed to buy a new pair of women’s glasses but I thought it was too expensive for me to afford a single one. The main reason why I finally gave up my purchase plan was due to the unreasonable price though the glasses were designed very well to catch my fancy. The shop assistant also advised me to buy one because it really suited me. However, I did not think it was wise enough to spend so much money on it. That was why I changed my purchase style. I began to make online shopping when I came back home that day.

Online shopping was not new to me because I have bought many different things from online stores. My purchase experiences were not all pleasant but I had great interest in this way. At first, I did not think it was wise to order women’s glasses online but later I decided to have a try. I think it could save both time and money. I searched the Internet to see whether there was a reliable store. From the feedback from former consumers, I could judge whether the store was good or not. It gave the evidence of pure exchange.

I stopped clicking the computer mouse when I saw the page sites of the store with the website address of where all kinds of women’s glasses are sold at discount prices. What’ more, there was a promotion activity named “end of summer stock sale”: every consumer could get a 20% off on every type of prescription glasses with the coupon code “2011endsummer” from September 19th to October 30th 2011. After browsing the page sites for a while, I wanted to seize this chance to get a pair of correct glasses for me.

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