Last week, my nephew came to my home and told me that he couldn’t see the blackboard clearly. Concerning this case, I suggest him to buy one pair of prescription glasses to help correct the poor eyesight.

Firstly, in order to get the accurate prescription, I took him to the hospital to have the eye examined. This step is quite easy and only costs me a little time. Since his prescription is very low (only -1.50 for both eyes), it will be very convenient and easy for him to choose a fashionable and stylish prescription glasses.

When we got to the eyeglasses store, the first task for us should be the frame option. There are hundred of choices listed and I am so confused that I don’t know which one will be the best for him. In my opinion, as a very naughty boy, he should first consider the durability of the eyeglasses frame. Among all of the frame materials, I prefer to choose bendable titanium frame which is most popular among the prescription glasses wearers for its lightweight and anti-resistant. He selected one frame style and tried them on, but it is too big for his face. After trying so many frames, he still can not find a frame that is suitable for his square face shape which almost made me angry.

Thanks to the kindly seller, under her kindly and patience help, my nephew eventually chose his suitable eyeglasses frame. This frame is quite stylish, and looks quite cool. The biggest advantage of such frame is the spring hinges and adjustable nose pads with which he can adjust the frame by himself. When it comes to the checkout section, we find that the glasses are so expensive which marked at $229. At last, we bought nothing. On the way to go home, he told me that maybe buying prescription glasses online can get a perfect choice since many of his classmates bought from there and they confirmed on both the workmanship and the prescription applied on the lenses.

Under the recommendation of his classmates, finally we chose one online optical To our big surprise, the eyeglasses frames we see in the local optical shop this afternoon only costs $52.5.We bought them without hesitation.

Four days later, we receive it. The quality is very good. Both of us are satisfied with it. Next time if my relatives and friends want to buy prescription glasses, I will recommend them to this website. It is not only very convenient but also saving me a lot of time and money.

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